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Rabu, 06 April 2022

Adventure of Moslem Preecher, KH. Muhammad Abdul Ghufron Al Bantani, travels arround Indonesia, Asia and World .

Karawang -
Travel Story of KH. Muhammad Abdul Ghufron Al Bantani.

Since Corona-virus breaks out and hits the world and Indonesia, it creats big fearnes, it closes every single whorsip houses from religous people to prayers.

It closes educational institution conducting  normal face to face learning, victims pass away, and comunities start losing trust over religous leaders and government. These situatiom, leads him does preechings, isolates himself from crowd and seeks God SWT for guidance in the mid of Indonesia and World suffer from Covid-19. This drives him leaves Islamic Boarding School for down to mountain on January 27, 2021. He travels from eastern tip to the western tip of Java island in 7 month, reaches 100 spots and keeps traveling currently. And God SWT listens to him wherec resulting Indonesia, Asia and World getting back to normal from the pandemy finally.

He stories about his trip experience where he preaches on love, peace, unity and social working being his motto, from Sabang through Merauke, and hits the grounds of Asia and World as well.

His energetic man in dissminating Pancasila being Indonesian foundation of life, which descended from Indonesian national identity philoshopy.

Relation of Pancasila with religion in unity of Indonesian Repoblic. And BELIEF IN ONE GOD merely  affirming that Indonesia is not a country based on a single ceritain religion, and it doesn't separate religion and state.

Actually, Pancasila being philoshopy sistem moves dinamicially comes along people, where comunities face challenges frequently, internal &  externally, from outside of country, Asia and World as well.

PANCASILA's values become foundation in indonesian mindset process, and it becomes guidance in atitude and thinking concept of Indonesian national.

That's why he leaves message to communities who attend his religous preaching, and keep reminding them for remember  PANCASILA alwayd, both personally and in general living comunities everyday.

He does these all in order for young generation will have a better life in the future.  And that's the reason why he rises the sense of NATIONALISM to the Indonesia nationals.
For growing & developing, national unity, consisted of two factors of Power that influence, namely:

Phisical Power is in form of show of forces, and non phisical power is in form of phisclogical lust, mindset, and trust In one God merely.